Baby care

Discover our extensive collection of Youha baby care products, designed to support both your baby and as well as caring mothers. Baby care is central to us, and we understand better than anyone that every touch, every smile, and every moment counts. Every Youha baby care product is a supplement for mother and baby.

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Youha: everything for baby care

Of course you want the best for your baby. You want to care for, protect and pamper him or her. But how do you do that? Which products do you need? And where do you find it? At Youha! We specialize in breastfeeding and baby care and have various products that can help you care for and pamper your baby. Youha is the best choice for you and your baby!

Hair care

Your baby's hair is an important part of his or her appearance and health. You want to take good care of, cut and style your baby's hair. But how do you do that? With the Youha hair care products!

  • Electric baby hair clippers: a safe and quiet hair clipper to cut your baby's hair. The clipper has rounded cutting blades and a protective comb.
  • Baby wool brush: a soft brush made from 100% natural materials to comb and massage your baby's hair. The brush has soft woolen bristles that prevent itching.

Hand care

Your baby uses his or her hands to explore, play and learn the world. But your baby's hands are also fragile and sensitive. Therefore, good hand care is  extremely important. With the Youha hand care products you can take good and safe care of your baby's hands!

  • Electric baby manicure set: a handy nail trimmer to file your baby's nails without damaging them. The manicure set has a quiet motor that will not disturb your baby. The manicure set has nine attachments, which are suitable for different ages and nail types.

Nasal care

Your baby's nose is important for his or her breathing and health. Therefore, you want to take good care of your baby's nose, clean it and keep it clear. You can do this with the Youha nose care products!

  • Electric baby nose cleaner: an effective way to clean your baby's nose of mucus and dust. The nasal aspirator has different settings and two attachments, so that the device is suitable for children up to 12 years old.

Buy baby care at Youha

Youha has the best products for the care of your baby. Our products are safe, high-quality, comfortable and practical. So what are you waiting for? Order the products now in the Youha webshop and enjoy free shipping and fast delivery. Youha is the brand you can trust for your baby care!

Why Youha ?

Lactation consultants and breastfeeding experts recommend Youha. For more than 15 years, Youha has been a global leader in the development of smart electric breast pumps, accessories and other mother & baby products. Countless mothers embrace the silent power of Youha.

Youha supplies high-quality, safe and clinically tested products that meet all relevant quality and safety standards.