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Collect breastmilk easily?

You can manually collect your breast milk with the Youha POD. It is a portable milk collector that you can easily attach behind your bra, sweater or t-shirt. If you feed your baby from the other breast, the baby cannot knock your milk collector off the breast, which is super handy!

The ultimate solution for easily collecting your breast milk. The Youha POD fits comfortably in your bra and the proceeds are easy to pour.

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De moedermelk bewaarzakjes zijn makkelijk op te bergen in de vriezen of koelkast zodat je op een later moment je baby je gekolfde melk kunt geven.
De moedermelk bewaarzakjes zijn makkelijk op te bergen in de vriezen of koelkast zodat je op een later moment je baby je gekolfde melk kunt geven.
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How do you store breast milk?

Properly storing breast milk is essential to ensure it is safe for your baby to consume and to maintain its nutritional value.

By following certain storage guidelines, you can ensure that your breast milk is stored safely and retains its nutritional value for your baby's well-being. Read our blog for some guidelines for storing breast milk.

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Relaxed and carefree pumping?

Experience the freedom of wireless and discreet pumping. The Youha Gen 1 is the optimal on-the-go pumping device. Powerful, compact and safe. You can operate the breast pump easily and discreetly using the 'My Youha' App.

The breast pump saves valuable time and is the ideal solution for mothers with busy lives. The breast pump is compact, wireless and quiet. This way you can pump confidently, flexibly and discreetly. Wherever and whenever you want, at work or on the road.

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Discover the unparalleled quality of Youha, embraced by countless mothers and lactation consultants worldwide. At Youha, quality is central, and we continue to invest in the further development of our products. Trust Youha and experience the high-quality products for modern parents. Discover the reliability and innovation that sets our products apart today.
Discover the reassuring world of Youha, where safety and quality go hand in hand. Our products are not only clinically tested, but also meet strict quality and safety standards. Completely free of BPA, BPS and PVC, they proudly carry the CE mark, allowing every mother and baby to use Youha products with confidence.
Discover the exclusive world of Youha with our official distributor in the Benelux. Enjoy continuous support and customer service in both Dutch and English. Reach us effortlessly via the contact form on this website or with the handy WhatsApp logo at the bottom right of the screen. At Youha we are ready to assist everyone with daily support.
Youha has the honor of working with more than 100 dedicated professionals in the Netherlands and Belgium, specialized in breastfeeding, maternity care and lactation assistance. Discover how Youha's network of experts contributes to a knowledgeable and caring approach to the parenthood journey.

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