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Our wireless Youha breast pumps are designed with the latest technologies to ensure an effortless and comfortable pumping session. Wireless and easy to use, they offer ultimate flexibility, allowing you to embrace your precious moments with your little one without limitations.

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Youha, the wireless breast pumping device

Are you looking for a user-friendly breast pump that gives you more freedom and flexibility? Do you want to pump where and when you want, without the hassle of cables, hoses or sockets? Then you're looking for the Youha breast pump! The Youha breast pump is a wireless breast pump that you can easily operate with an app on your smartphone. You can also wear it in your bra, so that you have your hands free for other things. This way you can pump wherever and whenever you want.

Lactation consultants recommend this breast pump

The Youha breast pump has been clinically tested and meets all safety standards. The pump is designed to support mothers in breastfeeding. The Youha breast pump stimulates milk production, reduces the risk of clogged milk ducts and ensures a comfortable and efficient pumping experience. In addition, our breast pumps are recommended by lactation consultants.

The benefits of a cordless breast pump

A wireless breast pump has many advantages over a traditional breast pump. A cordless breast pump gives you more:

  • Freedom: You can pump where and when you want, without being dependent on a socket or a pumping station. You can continue your daily activities while providing your baby with the best nutrition.
  • Flexibility: You can adjust the pump settings to your own preference and needs. You can choose from different pumping programs and suction powers. You can easily arrange everything via the app on your smartphone, which also gives you insight into your pumping history and your milk yield.
  • Discretion: You can pump discreetly, without anyone noticing. The Youha breast pump is so small that it fits in your bra. The Youha breast pump is also very quiet, so you won't cause any noise pollution. You can keep your clothes on, because the Youha breast pump has no visible tubes or bottles.

How do I find the right breast pump?

Of course, choosing the right breast pump is a personal decision that depends on your situation, your wishes and your budget. There are a number of factors you can take into account, such as:

How often do you want to pump?

If you want to pump often, for example because you are going back to work or because your baby is not drinking well at the breast, then an electric breast pump is a good option. An electric breast pump is faster and more efficient than a manual breast pump. A double electric breast pump is even faster and more efficient, because you can express both breasts at the same time.

How important is mobility to you?

If you are on the road a lot or if you do not have a fixed pumping location, a wireless breast pump is a good option. A wireless breast pump gives you more freedom of movement and convenience. You can pump where and when you want, without being tied to a cord or socket.

How important is comfort to you?

If you want to pump comfortably, a breast pump with a soft and flexible breast shield is a good option. A soft and flexible breast shield adapts to the shape of your breast, so you don't get pain or irritation. A soft and flexible breast shield also ensures better milk flow and a better vacuum.

Buy a breast pump at Youha

If you want to buy a breast pump, Youha is the right place for you. Youha is a specialized brand in breast pumps and breast pump accessories . Youha offers various breast pumps, all of which are wireless. You can choose from different models, such as:

  • Youha The Ins Gen 1: This is the first model of the Youha breast pump. It is a single breast pump, which you can expand to a double breast pump. It has a built-in battery, which you can charge via a USB cable. This pumping device is powerful, compact and safe.
  • Youha The Ins Gen 2: This is the second model of the Youha breast pump. This pumping device has an improved battery, which lasts longer and charges faster. This breast pump has a pumping method that matches the quality and effectiveness of a non-mobile pump.
  • Youha The Ins NEXT: This is the latest model of the Youha breast pump. It is a double breast pump, which you can also use as a single breast pump. It has an innovative design, which is even more compact and lightweight. This pumping device also has an innovative LED screen, on which you can see, among other things, the pumping status.
  • Youha The ONE Express Cups Plus: These cups give you an easy way to convert an old breast pump into a hands-free breast pump. You can use the motor from your old breast pump and connect it to these Youha The ONE Express Cups.

Why choose a wireless pump from Youha?

Youha is more than a breast pump, with Youha your baby enjoys the best breastfeeding. Youha stands for:

  • Quality: Youha breast pumps are made of high-quality materials, which are safe and durable. Youha breast pumps have been clinically tested and are recommended by lactation consultants. Youha breast pumps also have a two-year warranty.
  • Service: Youha offers you excellent service, which is fast and friendly. Youha has an expert team that can advise and support you with all your questions and problems. In addition, you enjoy free shipping at Youha. Ordered before 4:00 PM, delivered tomorrow!
  • Support: Youha offers extensive support for its products, which helps you with everything related to breastfeeding. With the handy app you can optimize your pumping experience. Youha also has an active community, where you can interact with other breastfeeding mothers.

Why Youha ?

Lactation consultants and breastfeeding experts recommend Youha. For more than 15 years, Youha has been a global leader in the development of smart electric breast pumps, accessories and other mother & baby products. Countless mothers embrace the silent power of Youha.

Youha supplies high-quality, safe and clinically tested products that meet all relevant quality and safety standards.