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Youha The Ins Gen 2 - breast pump with app

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Youha® Gen 2 wireless breast pump with app

The Youha The INs Gen 2 breast pump is a very handy, wireless and portable breast pump. This single pump offers a mobile pumping method that retains the quality and effectiveness of a non-mobile pump, so you can pump quickly and efficiently to your liking. Attaching the pump is very quick, after which the pump does its work. The milk is collected in the breast shield and is easy to pour into bottles or bags. Assembly is simple and straight forward; All parts can be disassembled for easy cleaning. The parts can be disinfected in boiling water, microwave or UVC sterilization.

Different variants and sizes
The Gen 2 breast pump is available as a single or double breast pump set. Both variants are available in sizes 22/24mm or 26/28mm. This way you can choose a size and variant that suits you!

My Youha app
This portable and wireless breast pump can be operated with an app, the 'My Youha' app. The My Youha app is available in Dutch for iOS and Android. There is a QR code on the packaging that gives you the option to download the app directly.

The My Youha app has several options, namely:

  • The user can keep track of the amount of breast milk in the app
  • In the app you can read how long you have been pumping
  • All different settings and suction power levels can be controlled in the app
  • The app is available in multiple languages ​​(Dutch, English, German, Spanish, etc.)
  • You can read the battery level from your motorcycle, so you know when to charge
  • You can put the motor in a silent mode
  • If you are double pumping, you can split the screen and operate both pumps separately
  • There are various options, such as operating the motors, but also keeping track of pumping time and the amount of expressed breast milk.

Youha The INs Gen 2 is a 3-phase breast pump. In the different modes you can:

  • Induce let-down reflex (10 vacuum positions)
  • After the TSR mode, the motor switches to pumping mode after 2 minutes
  • Expressing (10 vacuum settings)
  • Stimulating and expressing (10 vacuum settings)
  • Each cup holds 150 ml of milk. You can bend or stoop slightly with the hands-free breast pump. It is not possible to lean back or lie down. The box contains both a 24MM breast shield and a 22mm breast shield reducer, this way you can adjust the size.
The pump motor has a 1100mA lithium battery, is rechargeable and can pump for 4 x 30 minutes. Total weight: 252 grams per flask.
Shipping & delivery

Orders placed before 4:00 PM will be delivered the next day in the Netherlands by PostNL. For Belgium, the delivery time is 1 to 2 working days if ordered before 4 p.m.


Youha supplies safe and clinically tested products that meet all relevant quality and safety standards. Our hygiene products are free of BPA, BPS, PVC and have CE marking. This way, every mother and baby can use our Youha products safely.

Quantity: Single - 22 & 24mm

Customer Reviews

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Geweldig productt

Deze borstkolf heeft mij zoveel meer vrijheid gegeven, ik ben er erg blij mee. De app is ook super handig te gebruiken.

Top service!

Heel erg blij met deze top kolf! Snel en gemakkelijk kolven met de GEN2.
Helaas was er een klein probleempje met het motortje, maar dankzij de snelle service krijg ik een nieuwe toegestuurd. Ik raad iedereen deze kolf aan!

Krachtige handsfree borstkolf

Ik ben heel tevreden van deze handsfree kolven. Ze zijn heel krachtig en gebruiksvriendelijk. De app die je moet gebruiken om ze te bedienen zorgt ervoor dat je de kolven op een afstand kan bedienen en gewoon een trui kan aandoen. Het schoonmaken van de kolven is ook heel snel gebeurd, je moet slechts 4 onderdelen afspoelen.

Goede kolf, alleen snel lege accu

Ik gebruik de kolf nu al een tijdje, was er best tevreden over. alleen nu is iedere keer 1 accu sneller leeg dan de andere. Contact krijgen met de verkoper is lastig en bij zelf kom je ook niet verder....

Erg goed

Erg goede ervaring met de kolf. Kolf is makkelijk te bevestigen en kracht (i.c.m. hoeveelheid melk) doet niet onder aan een kolf als Medela.

Relaxed life starts with Youha!

The Youha breastfeeding products give you extra relaxation during your breastfeeding period

15+ years of experience

Youha has been developing breast pumps, mother and baby accessories for over 15 years and is a global leader.

Safe and clinically tested

Youha supplies safe and clinically tested products that meet all relevant quality and safety standards.

Customer service & support

Our Youha customer service is ready to help you! We are happy to help you and aim to respond within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to help you with all your questions! See all 'frequently asked questions' here..

When can I expect my product?

If you place your order on workdays before 4:00 PM, you will receive it the next day. For Belgium, orders placed before 4:00 PM will be delivered within 2 working days. This is of course subject to delays with parcel services.

How can I return a product?

As a buyer you have the right to return or exchange your order in whole or in part. This can be done within the specified period of 14 days after receipt of the order. Please contact our website via After receiving the products, we will arrange for a refund or send other desired products to you. You can expect the refund within 10 days.


Send items in original packaging. Breast pumps, parts of breast pumps, teats and items that are used on bare skin are excluded from the right of withdrawal for reasons of hygiene, unless the packaging is unopened. Items must not have been worn, washed or otherwise clearly used or processed.

See full returns policy here..

The suction of my breast pump has decreased, what now?

If the suction of your breast pump has decreased, this could be due to several things, namely:

1. You have not used the correct breast shield size or breast shield reducer. Too large or small a size will reduce the suction power.

2. The valve (pointed object in the cup through which the milk drips) is defective. We always supply a spare valve in the packaging, replace your current valve with the spare valve.

3. The breast pump will not be secured sufficiently against your chest.

4. You don't have the pump in the right position. On top of the pump or in your 'My Youha app' you can increase the suction power with the + and decrease it with the - button. This way you can regulate the suction power.

5. The motor has broken down, for example due to a fall, impact or moisture damage. Place the motor on your hand and if it still sucks hard, the problem could be in points 1 to 4. If it no longer sucks properly, you can contact our helpdesk via or send a Whatsapp chat to +31625130171.

Do I have a warranty on my Youha product?

All motor parts have a two-year manufacturer's warranty, all other parts (for example silicone valves or membranes) do not have a manufacturer's warranty.

What is the best way to clean my breast pump?

We have written a nice blog about this, which you can find here..